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August 9 to August 15, 2004

Tuesday, Aug. 10
Work-study supervisor training. (See "Announcements.")

Upcoming Events
Thursday, Aug. 19
Work-study supervisor training. (See "Announcements.")

Thursday, Aug. 26
New student orientation begins. (See "Announcements.")

Monday, Aug. 30
Fall semester begins.

DuFour Center Closing
The Raymond A. DuFour (athletic) Center will be closed the week of Monday, Aug. 9, to Sunday, Aug. 15. Athletic offices, however, will remain open.

Parking Permits
Faculty and staff may purchase their parking permits beginning Aug. 9, 2004.

Employees are encouraged to use payroll deduction for their vehicle registration. Part-time salaried employees, who will be employed for a full academic semester, may be eligible for payroll deduction. Employees choosing not to utilize payroll deduction or who are not eligible to participate may pay for their permits via cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).

Faculty and staff wishing to purchase parking permits must appear in person at the Campus Transportation Management Office (CTMO) and present a valid CUA Identification Card (Cardinal Card). The office is located at Leahy Hall, Room 121.

Vehicle registrants will be issued one permit (hangtag). Registrants who operate alternate vehicles must transfer the permit between vehicles. Faculty permits are provided to full-time members of the faculty, as determined by the Office of the Provost.

CUA's Orientation Program
To give the university community advance notice of the upcoming Orientation Program and to prepare it for questions posed by incoming students, the Office of the Dean of Students provides the following overview of the event:

The Orientation Program for new freshmen, transfer students and their parents and families will begin on Thursday, Aug. 26, with parent sessions continuing through the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 28, and student sessions concluding on Sunday, Aug. 29. New students learn about university services and programs, meet with their faculty advisers and learn more about academic requirements. The Parent Orientation program provides parents with an overview of campus life, university policies and the changes and challenges they will experience as their children join the CUA community.

A brochure was sent out in early July providing details on registration for both programs, as well as requirements for matriculating at the university. A brief overview of the orientation schedule, services available on campus and hotel accommodations was also included.

The brochure also provides incoming freshman students with details of the Reader¿s Program, which is designed to encourage new students to interact with faculty and develop rapport among peers who share a common interest in reading. Staff and faculty can view the full text of the Reader's Program brochure on the Orientation Web site at
A virtual brochure, Frequently Asked Questions for New Students and their Families, has been posted on the Orientation Web site. It summarizes CUA¿s services and policies and is intended to complement other university mailings as well as publications such as the Student Handbook and University Announcements.

The final Orientation publication, the Program Schedule, will be distributed to new students and parents upon their arrival on campus for orientation. Copies of the program schedule will be given to CUA faculty and staff during the week of Aug. 18.

As in past years, name tags will be provided to faculty and staff who traditionally participate in the Orientation Program. Information was sent to various offices in late July and requests for name tags may also be submitted by contacting the orientation office at 202-319-5627 or via e-mail to Melissa Swanson at

For more information, contact Ellen Breipohl Thorp, assistant dean of students, at 202-319-5619 or visit the Orientation Program¿s Web site.

Accounts Payable Manager
Edree Tebo, accounts payable manager, currently is on medical leave. During her absence, Lisa Fletcher will serve as acting accounts payable manager. For more information, call 202-319-5854.

Family Weekend Events
The Office of the University Center, Student Programs and Events is now accepting event listings for CUA's Family Weekend, which will be held on Oct. 15-17. Family-friendly events are highly encouraged, as well as academic programs or activities that highlight aspects of CUA pride. Events submitted after Monday, Aug. 9, will not make it into the mailings sent to students' families, but will be included on the Family Weekend Web site (http://universitycenter.cua.ed u/weekend/) and in the schedules distributed at welcome tables that weekend. To submit an event or for more information, contact Kim Timpany, associate director for student programs, at 202-319-5291 or

Work-Study Supervisor Training
This month, the Office of Career Services is holding training sessions for work-study supervisors. The training is now required for any supervisors who wish to hire work-study students. The goal is to provide supervisors with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the policies and procedures associated with the work-study program. The sessions will cover listing and updating work-study positions, hiring and supervising students, processing the proper paperwork and monitoring students¿ hours. They will last approximately two hours and will be held on the following dates:

¿ Tuesday, Aug. 10, 10 a.m. to noon

¿ Thursday, Aug. 19, 10 a.m. to noon

Supervisors only need to attend one session. To register, contact the Office of Career Services at 202-319-5623 or An e-mail confirmation that lists the location of the session will be sent to registrants.
For Your Benefit
FLSA Revisions
The Office of Human Resources reports that the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division has revised the regulations implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal law that establishes minimum wage and determines if employees are entitled to or exempt from overtime pay.

FLSA stipulates that an employee must receive overtime pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 a week, unless the employee¿s position meets the criteria for exemption from FLSA requirements. The final regulations become effective on Aug. 23, 2004. The new FLSA rules, sometimes referred to as the Fair Pay Initiative, were passed for the purpose of expanding the number of workers who are eligible for overtime pay (i.e., nonexempt employees). The revised criteria qualifying a position for an exemption are more restrictive than the original regulations.

Major changes to FLSA include the following:

¿ Employees who are paid less than $455 a week ($23,660 a year) must be classified as nonexempt, regardless of their jobs, and must receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 a week.

¿ Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other "first responders" are non-exempt and must be paid overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 a week.

¿ Criteria for executive, administrative, professional and IT exemptions have been more clearly defined.

To ensure continued CUA compliance with FLSA after the new regulations go into effect, CUA's human resources staff audited university positions to verify that those classified as exempt meet the revised exemption criteria. Those few CUA employees whose positions no longer meet the exemption criteria will be notified by mid-August that their positions will be reclassified to nonexempt. The Office of Human Resources will also notify the affected employees¿ managers that the employees are being reclassified to nonexempt. Any procedural or policy changes required as a result of being reclassified to nonexempt from exempt will be clearly explained in the correspondence to employees and their managers.

To learn more about the FLSA and the recent revisions proposed by the Department of Labor, please visit the human resources Web site at compensation/flsa.cfm. If you have any questions regarding FLSA, please contact Barbara Coughlin at 202-319-5598, Schlain Schmidt Faust at 202-319-6404, or Laura Burhenn at 202-319-5107 in the Office of Human Resources.

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